Dance with the Cosmos

Calpulli Tonalehqueh is an Aztec Cultural Dance Group based on the foundation of wisdom, harmony, and culture.

Calpulli Tonalehqueh at Montalvo Arts Ce
Our Mission & Philosophy

Calpulli Tonalehqueh’s work is founded on the concepts of: 


Wisdom involves seeking, obtaining, sharing indigenous knowledge and traditions.
Harmony involves striving for harmony with self, mother earth, the creator, and others.
Culture refers to walking the Red Road, which includes: native arts, cultural productions, and a native worldview.


Tonalehqueh is a multilayered metaphorical term. It means “Those who accompany the sun along its journey.” It refers to those who individually and collectively strive to meet their full potential on earth, and who take the characteristics of the sun as their goals for personal growth and existence. Like the Sun itself, we seek to be resplendent, strong, steady, life-giving, balanced, humble, virtuous, and creative.

Calpulli Tonalehqueh also hosts the largest Azteca Mexica New Year Ceremony & Celebration in the nation. Everyone is invited to attend on the weekend of the Spring Equinox for the Mexica New Year in the city of San Jose, CA. Their goal is to make it educational, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The ceremony is free and open to the public.

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Presentations | Presentaciones

We do Aztec Dance presentations year round for a variety of audiences including Schools from grades K-12, Universities, and Powwows.

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Día de Los Muertos | Day of the Dead

The School of Arts & Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza 16th Annual Día de Los Muertos ceremony in San Jose! Join us in ceremony and communion with our ancestors.

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Aztec Mexica New Year | Yancuic Xihuitl

Calpulli Tonalehqueh also hosts the largest Azteca Mexica New Year Ceremony & Celebration in the nation.

Classes | Ensayo

Calpulli Tonalehqueh practices every Wednesday night at the School of Arts & Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. Classes are Free to the community.

Our Partners
A partial list of our previous partners.
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